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Voter Integrity

Chuck will support Voter and Election Integrity bills that will protect our voting rights and criminalize those who commit voter and election fraud.

Conservative Values

Collin County is one of the fastest-growing and most conservative counties in the state. Chuck will fight to help us preserve these values through promoting faith, family, and freedom.

Limited Government and Fiscal Responsibility

Chuck will support bills that create permanent property tax cut solutions and will promote consumption tax opportunities to help decrease the reliance on property taxes by municipalities. 
While on McKinney City Council, he supported private property rights by voting against forced annexation and forced zoning that would have devalued properties; voted against increasing property taxes in the city; and supported a freeze on property taxes for residents over the age of 65.

Border Security and Immigration

Chuck will support legislation that completes the border wall, militarizes the border, and overturns federal overreach of illegal immigration in order to eliminate the importation of fentanyl and sex traffickers.

Education Freedom and Protecting Children

Chuck is a proponent of school choice. He will support legislation that defunds any ISD’s, hospitals, or any organization that promotes policies of support for transgender and LGBTQ agendas that attempt to sexualize our children.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

Chuck understands the importance of a thriving economy and will work to create an environment where businesses can grow and create jobs. A job creator himself, Chuck will always put small business first.

Pro-Life Values

Chuck is a strong advocate for the sanctity of life. He will work to protect the rights of the unborn and support policies that promote a culture of life in Texas.

Second Amendment Rights

As a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, Chuck will protect the rights of law-abiding Texans to keep and bear arms. He will oppose any attempts to infringe upon these rights.

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