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"I am proud to endorse my good friend Chuck Branch for Texas House District 61. He has tirelessly served the City of McKinney and the Republican Party. I have always known him to vote his values and be a good listener. He truly has a servant's heart, which is deeply needed in the Texas House!"
- Angela Paxton, State Senator
"Chuck Branch is more than qualified to serve as a state representative, but more than anything he has the integrity that we need from our state leaders. I’m grateful that Chuck is willing to step up and serve."
- Jay Northcutt, Mayor of Melissa, TX
"Chuck Branch is a true Texas conservative. He is running on his solid voting record as someone who does not play political games but represents his constituents. He is true to his word and will be a great representative for Texas House District 61.."
- Elden Baker, Councilman, City of Anna, TX
"I remember Chuck from his time on McKinney City Council. There's no problem with Chuck, we know how he votes. He votes with the people every single time. Nobody is going to change his vote, not the Speaker of the House, not anybody -- I saw him treated like dirt and he would still vote with us,"
-Sebrena Kimberly, Precinct Chair, Pct 156.
"Chuck Branch is a person that you can trust to do the right thing, even if no one is watching. I have no doubt that Chuck Branch will serve his district with trust and dignity."
-Dave Cornette, Allen City Councilman
"I knew Chuck when he was serving on the SREC. He is the most qualified for this position. I know Chuck will fight for Texas and will pass legislation that is good for HD61."
-Fred Nasseri, Collin County Lincoln Society, Past Recipient GOP Chairman's Award


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